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The new series 6 Robinson Detector breaks the barrier once again in backscattered electron imaging in the SEM!

Click to see the low voltage BSE and SE images

Now with MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL to enhance the versatility of the world's highest signal to noise BSE detector. Operate the detector and all accessories under WINDOWS control of your SEM, or through our own controller. Eurorack mounting console for all electronics and accessories.

  • Microprocessor Control Features
    • WINDOWS Control available.
    • RS 232 Communication.
    • Advanced controller with 8 line, 40 character per line, liquid crystal display of detector and system status.
    • Total accessory operation with the one controller
    • No more boxes piled on top of the SEM console.
    • Additional features added quickly and without taking up extra space.
    • Instant recall of previous settings.
  • The Versatile controller
    • Robinson Detector and Motorised Retraction Option
    • Robinson Low Voltage Detector
    • Robinson Cathodoluminescence Detector
    • Robinson Slected Phase Imaging Module
    • Robinson Signal Mixing Module

Click here to see how SEMRA'S detector technology in 1974 was already more advanced than other detector manufactures are today!

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